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  • Product Overview: Product Overview: CH31Quantz Movement
  • Product Overview: P1015 2 Hands Gear Box Movement Size:10.0X15.0X3.1mm Need IC Parameter: Pulse Width Of IC Output:15.625ms Period Time Of IC Output:20s RoHs Certifficate(Optional) P1015 3 Hands Gear Box Movement Size:10.0X15.0X3.2mm Need IC Parameter: Pulse Wi
  • Product Overview: P25 2 Hands/Small second Movement Size:6(3/4) X 8''' High:3.20mm Battery:SR626/AG4 RoHs Certifficate(Optional)
  • Product Overview: P89A Multi-eyes movement 3 Hands/Day-date/24H Movement
  • Product Overview: P89B Multi-eyes movement 3 Hands /Day-date / Sun, Moon and Star Movement Size:101/2 ''' High:4.15mm Battery:SR726/AG2 RoHs Certifficate(Optional)
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