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  • Product Name: Bite type tube fittings
  • Product Number: Bite type tube fittings
  • Updated: 2014-04-02
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Structural features
·Advanced dual-ferrule structure design
·The assembling torque is small, which is easy to install.
·With reliable leakproofness, which can be dismantled and   installed for many times
·Silver plating treatment of ferrule nut
·While installing, the torque will not be transmitted to the ferrule tube.
 Dual-ferrule structure design
The dual-ferrule structure separates the sealing function and the grasping function of ferrule tube. According to their corresponding functions, optimization design are conducted on the front and back cutting ferrules.
The front cutting ferrule is used to form the sealing:      
·The sealing with the joint body  
·The sealing with the external diameter of ferrule tube                    
While boosting the front ferrule, the back ferrule will, at the same time, grasp the ferrule tube:                              
·Boost the front cutting ferrule along the axis 
·Exert an effective ferrule-tube chucking force along the  radial direction

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